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Pedifile Search -the first step to protect yourself and your family is information.

Pedifile Search - How to Protect Yourself and Your Family
One of the major reasons why it is important to be informed about pedophiles is so that you can take steps to prevent child predators from endangering your family. There are steps you can take to reduce your risk of sexual assault, your child's risk of encountering a pedifle, or the risk facing other sexual offenders.

Pedifile Search - Sex Offender Watchdog
Knowing about offenders in your area helps you be aware enough to protect your family.

Welcome to Pedifile . Pedifile search helps people to be aware of the pedophiles and other sex offenders who are living in their area. Federal guidelines under S.O.R.N.A (Sex Offender Notification Act) require states to comply with sex offender notification rules or lose a percentage of their federal grant money. Several services have done the work to pull together comprehensive information about sex offenders, child predators, and other criminals in the area. We have included some of these services on our site for your review. Pedifiles and other sex offenders are ranked by level of likelihood that they’ll offend again. The sex offender registry is maintained across local state and federal databases to help people know the answer to the question, “Does a sex offender pedifile live in my area?”

Common times that people access sex offender registry data include:
• Single parents dating new people – are they a sex offender?
• Families searching for new babysitters – are they a pedifile or is the home where the baby sitter lives in an area near pedophile sex offenders?
• Parents moving to a new area want to know if the home they’re considering buying or renting has a sex offender registered nearby
• Parents looking to rent an apartment want to know if their potential rental will be subjecting their children to proximate dangers from a child predator.
• Teachers sometimes research troubled students to find out if there’s a possible pedophile living in the area or in the family of the student.
• Job searchers are moving to new places to take employment. They want to know if the town they’re considering moving their family to will have a high volume of sex offenders in the area.

Sex offenders on pedifile search fall into several categories:
The worst which legally require lifetime registration and verification of location by authorities every few months we classify as level 3 offenses.
These offenses include the following:
• Sex crimes that involved force or are carried out under threat
• Sexual crimes where the criminal causes the victim to be unconscious, or impairs the sex crime victim by drugging or intoxication them
• Sexual crimes with a child under the age of 12
• Sex crimes where the victim is mentally incapable of appraising, or physically incapable of declining, or communicates unwillingness of, the sex act
• sexual contact with a child under the age of 12
• non-parental kidnapping or false imprisonment of minors or
• any attempt or conspiracy to commit of any of the above

Level 2 sex crimes require the sex criminal to keep the government up to date on their location for 25 years verifying their location two or more times per year. Level 2 sex criminals usually involves sex crimes that are less violent but involve minors.
• sex trafficking of minors
• transportation of minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity
• Sex offenders using coercion and enticement
• Sex acts with minors age 12-15,
• sexual contact with minors age 12-15,
• sexual offenses involving persons with custodial, supervisory, or disciplinary authority,
• Offenders who used minors in prostitution,
• Sexual offenders who used minors in sexual performance,
• Sex crimes involving the production or distribution of child pornography, or
• any attempt or conspiracy to commit of any of the above.

Level 1 sex offenders are committing sex offenses that include both felony and misdemeanor crimes that are usually not violent sex crimes where the victim has reached the age of consent.
• sexual contact without permission which can be considered sexual battery,
• offenses involving simple possession of child pornography,
• Offenders committing public indecency (some states limit this to where the actor is exposing themselves to a minor),
• And of peeping tom type voyeurism offenses.

Sex offender registry data includes sex crimes involving rape, child molestation, and child pornography crimes.

Be sure to run a pedifile search on babysitters and caregivers 

Many states now have a public sex offender registry that helps parents to screen individuals for prior criminal records and pedophile crimes and other sex offenses. Check references with other families who have used the caregiver or babysitter. Once you have chosen the caregiver, drop in when the sitter isn’t expecting you to see how your children or disabled dependent are doing. Ask your children or dependent how the experience with the caregiver was, and listen carefully to their responses for indicators. It's better to find the pedophile on your own search before a pedophile causes a problem for your family.


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"Pedifile Search had the resources to help us protect our family. It's been reassuring to have the information we've gotten from Pedifile Search resources."

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